Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Thank You, to MY Women in Technology

“You should write a blog.” my friends told me, “You have a lot to say!”  I’ve long suspected what they meant was “You sure do talk a lot.”  I finally decided that both could be true.  I wondered what I really had to talk about, what inspires me & gets me talking.  That part was easy: supporting women in technology, my #SQLFamily, my daughter, my job.   I’ve recently accepted a leadership position for the SQL PASS Women in Technology Virtual Chapter, along with Kathi Kellenberger.  I’m thrilled by the honor & humbled by the responsibility.  Those that have held this position before me have grown this chapter, it’s involvement in the community and it’s presence at PASS Summit each year.  

I've started thinking lately about all the strong, smart, beautiful women that played a role in my being here.  I'd like to say I've been lucky but that isn't true.  It isn't luck. These women are here because I chose them.  I sought out women that challenged me, supported me, understood me and loved me back.  And there's no slackers in my crew either.  These women kick ass and take names.  They run virtual chapters, user groups, SQL Saturdays, present at PASS Summit, teach tech to young girls, and support women already in tech.  They don't settle for second place.   Most importantly, they leave no woman behind. 

So, my first blog post is for them.  It's to say thank you for your love, your support, your help, your answers to questions and your occasional shove in the right direction.  


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