Wednesday, October 5, 2016

PASS Board Elections are here - time to make your voice heard

It's that time of year again, election season!  PASS Board of Directors balloting opens today, October 5th and wraps up October 11th.  You should make sure you vote, let your voice be heard.  It matters.  A lot of us see problems with the decisions being made with regard to the direction of PASS and the SQL Community.  If you're one of those people, now is your chance to do something about it.

I just want to get this out there before you read any further.  I'm throwing my support, for what it's worth, behind Wendy Pastrick.

 Why?  That's a simple one.  She has a history of performance, of doing what's right for Virtual Chapters, and focusing on the SQL Community.  I've gone to her several times over the years with Community related issues, User Group and SQL Saturday questions  and even more recently, feedback dealing with harassment both in person and online.  Every single time, she's waded into the middle of the fray, without shying away.  She's never said "That's not my problem."  Instead, she's said "While this is someone else's PASS responsibility, I've looped them in, how can we help?"  

I often hear the refrain that the BOD doesn't listen, they don't care about the people or they only care about vendors. I've never felt my concerns or complaints fell on deaf ears with Wendy.  I've never once believed that she didn't give a damn. Her response and follow through certainly implies that she gives a damn. Frankly, that's what we need at the Board of Directors level.  Someone that hasn't given up on the SQL Community.  That's Wendy, no doubt.

Check her out here:

Key Dates

Oct 5: Balloting Opens
Oct 6: Twitter Chat events
Oct 11: Campaigning and Balloting closes at noon pacific
Oct 12: Election Results announced  

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