Friday, October 4, 2019

Modernizing your Database with Azure SQL

Join the Microsoft Product Team in this full day deep dive into Modernizing your Database with #AzureSQL November 5th at PASS Summit Seattle with Sanjay Mishri Mladen Andzic, Dimitri Furman, Rie Irish, Davide Mauri, Rohit Nayak, Denzil Ribeiro, Shreya Verma

Azure SQL provides the most comprehensive set of capabilities on a cloud relational database. SQL in a virtual machine, Azure SQL Database, Managed Instance, Elastic Pools, Azure SQL Hyperscale, Azure SQL DB Serverless – Azure SQL family of services provide you a variety of choices to build and run your SQL environment in the most cost-effective, secured and performant manner.

• Understanding the choices and when to pick which service for best fit
• Understanding the Security, Networking, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery capabilities
• Managing the database, instance, elastic pools for best cost effectiveness, performance and scale
• Understanding and troubleshooting common problems 
• Design and develop for resiliency and performance, and building applications for business critical and enterprise workloads
• Application patterns and best practices to achieve the best out of Azure SQL environment

Register here, spaces are going fast!

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